1. Courses at the Faculty of English:

- Please check our website ( for a suitbale class, (N.B. some courses consist of lectures and classes!)
- go to this class (timetables: http://wa/,
- ask for the teacher's permission,
- there is no preregistration for WA courses,
- once you have chosen your courses you will be oficially registered (for classes) in our computer system (USOS) by the Erasmus Faculty Coordinator


1 BA: dr Paulina Zagórska, email:
2 BA: dr Ciszek-Kiliszewska, email:
3 BA: dr Halszka Bąk, email:
1 MA: dr Małgrzata Olsza, email:
2 MA: dr Katarzyna Burzyńska, email:


1 BA: dr Paweł Korpal
2 BA: dr Halszka Bąk
3 BA: dr Maciej Kielar
1 MA: dr Katarzyna Burzyńska
2 MA: dr Kornelia Boczkowska


1 BA: dr Halszka Bąk
2 BA: dr Maciej Kielar
3 BA: dr Paula Orzechowska
1 MA: dr Katarzyna Macedulska
2 MA: dr Maria Tymczyńska



- Amu-Pie - a special program designed especially for international students. It is independent of the AMU faculties and offers a wide variety of courses in English that may be of interest to you as well,
- Pre-registration: please inform teachers by email about your interest in taking thier courses


3. Courses at other faculties:

- Erasmus coordinators at other AMU faculties:

WA Moodle login instructions for Erasmus+ and other international students


AMU ECTS Catalogue