1. Courses at the Faculty of English:

- Please check our website ( for a suitbale class, (N.B. some courses consist of lectures and classes!)
- go to this class (timetables: http://wa/,
- ask for the teacher's permission,
- there is no preregistration for WA courses,
- once you have chosen your courses and got accepted by the teachers you will be oficially registered (for classes) in our computer system (USOS) by the Erasmus Faculty Coordinator

Important! PNJA (Praktyczna Nauka Języka Angielskiego) - English as a Foreign Language (so called Practical English: Grammar, Speaking, Writing, etc.) - in order to enroll for PNJA selected classes, please contact the tutor of the year (the list below) first and get his/her permission (Permission for PNJA Classes form):



1 BA: dr Paweł Korpal
2 BA: dr Halszka Bąk
3 BA: dr Maciej Kielar
1 MA: dr Katarzyna Burzyńska
2 MA: dr Kornelia Boczkowska


1 BA: dr Halszka Bąk
2 BA: dr Maciej Kielar
3 BA: dr Paula Orzechowska
1 MA: dr Katarzyna Macedulska
2 MA: dr Maria Tymczyńska



- Amu-Pie - a special program designed especially for international students. It is independent of the AMU faculties and offers a wide variety of courses in English that may be of interest to you as well,
- Pre-registration: please inform teachers by email about your interest in taking thier courses


3. Courses at other faculties:

- Erasmus coordinators at other AMU faculties:

WA Moodle login instructions for Erasmus+ and other international students


AMU ECTS Catalogue